How to Make a Grief Report

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    Hopefully your buildings will never be griefed on ECC, but it is best to be prepared and know how to handle the situation if it does happen. This tutorial is designed to help with making a grief report.

    To begin with you need to know what worlds you can file a grief report for. The aether and the mainworld are the only two worlds where you can file a grief report. However, no action will be taken against griefs happening in the wild of the mainworld unless there is an application for a town already on the forums.

    So you have spent hours building your house or whatever other building, and you have perfected it to make it the best creation ever. This is my example:
    One day, a griefer decides to go through your town. You log on and find that your creation has been destroyed and ruined by the griefer.​
    The first thing you must do is remain calm. If you begin to get angry and rage in chat it will not help you find the griefer and will probably just slow down the process.​
    Now, do NOT touch any of the griefing. If you replace the blocks or remove any blocks that were placed, moderators will not be able to find out who did the griefing later on. Just leave the griefing alone until your grief report has been handled and you know who griefed your creation.​
    Next you need to find the Grief Reports/Rollback Requests section of the forum. You can either scroll down towards the bottom of the main forum page or follow the link here. In that section click on the top sticky thread.​
    In that thread you will find more information about grief reports along with the required format:​
    [b]Minecraft Username:[/b]
        [b]Town Name:[/b]
        [b]Is the Grief located in the Wild? If so, is there a pending Mayor application for this defined region?[/b]
        [b]Co-ordinates of Grief: [/b]
        [b]Brief Description:[/b]
    I will split up the format and explain each section here.
    • For Minecraft Username you type in your in game name.
    • For Affiliation you would type in whether you are a resident of the town or the owner of the town.
    • For Town Name you put the name of the town the grief was in.
    • For the last question you put if the grief was located in the wild or in a town and if it was in the wild if there is currently an application in to make the area into a town.
    • For Co-ordinate of Grief you need to go next to the greifing. When you are there, type in /getpos and record the numbers before the decimal onto the format.
    • For the Brief Description quickly describe what was griefed to help the moderator handling the report find what was griefed.
    • For evidence you can include any pictures or videos of the griefed building to help the moderator handling the report find the griefing.
    The final part of the grief report is the rollback request. This is to request that a rollback of the damage be done, restoring the creation to its original form. The moderator handling the report will determine if the damage is sufficient for a rollback. Not all griefs will be rollbacked even if requested.
    Remember, not all griefer may be discovered. It is best to report the grief as soon as you find it to help ensure that the griefer is found. Also, not all griefs are punishable by a ban. Once the report has been handled and you know who griefed you, tell your town's owner and have him/her remove that member to prevent further issues.
    Here is a sample report I made:
    Minecraft Username: Da_Tirtow​
    Affiliation: Town owner​
    Town Name: LostSea​
    Is the Grief located in the Wild? If so, is there a pending Mayor application for this defined region? No​
    Co-ordinates of Grief: -4763, 63, -650​
    Brief Description: Blocks were destroyed throughout the house and cobblestone place on it.​
    Evidence: [​IMG]
    Rollback: No​
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    Nice tutorial xD.