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    Hello everyone! With the recent increase in traffic coming towards ECC, and the newly formed questions on how to get started, I decided to take some time to create a tutorial for all of the users who just dont understand how to get started on EcoCityCraft.

    Table of Contents
    [goto=Step1]- Step #1: Making some money![/goto]
    [goto=Step2]-- Step #2: Getting into a town![/goto]
    [goto=Step3]--- Step #3: Choosing you rank path![/goto]

    [goto=Step3.1]Beginner Ranks/First Rank-up[/goto]
    • [goto=Step3.1.1]- Getting Resident (Main World Benefits)[/goto]
      [goto=Step3.1.2]-- Getting Survivor (Nether Benefits)[/goto]
      [goto=Step3.1.3]--- Getting Pilot (Aether Benefits)[/goto]
    [goto=Step3.2]High Ranks/Second Rank-up[/goto]
    • [goto=3.2.1]- Getting Mayor (Main World Benefits)[/goto]
      [goto=3.2.2]-- Getting Warrior(Nether Benefits)[/goto]
      [goto=3.2.3]--- Getting Captain (Aether Benefits)[/goto]
    [goto=Step3.3]Advanced Ranks/Third Rank-up[/goto]
    • [goto=Step3.3.1]- Getting President (Main World Benefits)[/goto]
      [goto=Step3.3.2]-- Getting Terminator (Nether Benefits)[/goto]
    [goto=Step4]---- Step #4: Final Tips & Tricks[/goto]

    Step #1: Making some money!

    The first thing you should always do when starting a life on EcoCityCraft is get some money. Our entire server revolves around economy, and the only place you can be safe from grief is a town, and most mayors make you purchase plots which in turn, cost money. Here are some tips and tricks on making money!

    - There are 2 main ways of making money, and both are very easy to do!
    -- The easiest ways to make money on the server are from mining and farming. Mining makes more money then farming but takes more effort. Choose the one that best fits your playing style!
    --- Are you an earth dwelling miner that chooses to make a living underground? Click here for a tutorial on mining!
    ---- Are you a sun loving farmer who prefers to live with nature? Click here for a tutorial on farming! (Coming soon!)

    - Dont spend all your money on building materials, because in the wild your not safe from grief!
    -- Making houses in the wild is dangerous because you are suspectable to grief. All the materials you buy to make your house will end up wasting the money you could of spent on buying a plot, and will probably all be gone by a wild griefer.

    Work in Progress!
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    Lol i was gonna make a tut like this... Need some help peicein it togeatha?