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    This isn't extremely important since nothing was stolen (as far as I know) and the damages were minor. The griefer did show obvious intentions of stealing, though. This player could prove to be dangerous in the future, should action not be taken.

    Coords (in screenshot):

    The griefer entered my house by breaking through my window on the left side of my door. He then took the ladder (immediate 90 degree right turn from the front door) and avoided my locked door by destroying the cobble walls, entering my furnace room. After this, he destroyed another cobble wall to get into my chest room. In the chest room, he tried to dig under one of my chests, for an unknown reason. After this, I assume he gave up as no further damage was found.

    -I have placed signs to indicate evidence found, and directions.
    -If it makes any difference, it is currently 7:35pm GMT-6 and cobble blocks were still laying on the floor when I found the grief. I estimate the grief to be between 7:00pm and 7:30pm GMT-6. (Hopefully this saves some time with the logs or whatever. Thanks for your time.
    -(edit) Also, I don't really need a rollback or anything. I'm not even particular whether or not the player gets punished. I would just like to know who it was.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.