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    1. What is your IGN:Ckocik
    2a. Are you a town/nation - mayor/president or are you a member of a town/nation?:Yes, the town is Eltos. I am Co-Mayor but Antcubing is Owner of the town.
    2b.. What is the name of the town/nation (If applicable):Eltos
    3. Is this grief located in the wild? If so is it to a town with an outstanding Mayor application already made?:No
    4. What are the co-ordinates of this grief that is to be investigated? [x] [y] [z]:
    X. 2754
    Y. 64
    Z. -2673
    5. Additional information/screenshots (If any):

    I dont know how to upload screen shots so i provided the link. All of the dirt rows in the screenshot were filled with reed.

    Kukelekuuk00 told me the griefer was evanator77. this is his second time griefing my farm in eltos. the first time i gave him a warning but now i want him banned.
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    Ok, banned.
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