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    Hello All,

    Sometime between early yesterday morning and 6pm today my stores sign was griefed. My store is located in Athens, at X: 612, Z: 180....The Sign is made of gold and lapis blocks, and was meant to depict two Y's on top of eachother. When i logged in a moment ago, I noticed that someone has stolen at least 8 gold blocks and 5 lapis blocks from my stores sign, I know this isnt a big enough deal to really deserve a rollback, but I think I should at least have the materials replaced so I can rebuild my sign.

    Another thing that troubles me is how this is even possible in the first place? Aren't I the only person who has build rights on my own properties? Things like this will really discourage me from building any great buildings in the future. Any help I get on this will be greatly appreciated, Thanks everyone!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.