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    Minecraft Username: pocketMAD

    Affiliation: Resident town

    Town Name: KnightsValley

    Town World: Rising, I believe.

    Is the Grief located in the Wild? If so, is there a pending Mayor application for this defined region? NO it is not.

    Co-ordinates of Grief: X: -13553 Y: 64 Z: 4899

    Brief Description: Some jerk off harvested my cocoa farm, I apologize for my french.

    Which users own the griefed area, or are allowed to edit blocks in the area: I own it, along with @siraj93 who is the town mayor. All residents have the capabilities to destroy blocks within the city.

    Screenshots to assist Staff identify the grief: It's just harvested cocoa beans, they didn't even replant them. Regardless, I don't want anyone to lay a finger on my farm. Hopefully you'll find this twerp.

    Rollback: No rollback needed, just ban him.
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    Jul 13, 2013
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    After looking into it, I have found the cause of this, however it not grief. This row of cocoa is built on a chunk boundary. As minecraft loads the game in chunks, this means the chunk with the cocoa can load before the one with the jungle logs, so the cocoa will think it is not attached to a block and drop. Unfortunately there is no fix to this other than not using that row of your cocoa farm.

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