Financial Statement for the Month of Jue

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    Monthly investors report for Sunshine Real-estate LLC

    For the month of May

    Executive Summary

    This month achieved the goal of laying the foundation for achieving our goal of easing over population in the larger towns and providing cheap housing for new players and players unwilling to spend the thousands required for a prebuilt or time investment for a cheaper empty plot. Currently all available houses in Plotland is our apartments, without us new players would be unable to live in the city. In the upcoming monthly we will continue to expand our Plotland property and open a larger apartment building in Lakewood.

    Statement of Income for the month of May


    Rent Revenue 300

    Total Revenue 300


    Building Expenses 96

    Fines 100

    Total Expenses 196

    Gross Profit 104

    Income from Investment Activities

    Issuance of Common Stock 2500

    Purchase of Land 2500

    Net Income 104

    Balance Sheet for May 31st


    Current Assets

    Cash 94

    Building Supplies 96

    Fixed Assets

    Land 2500

    Buildings 10,000

    Total Assets 12690


    Recourse collection overhead 5000

    Self work overhead 5000

    Fines (100)

    Stock Holder’s Equity

    Common Stock 2500

    Retained Earnings 300

    Dividends (10)

    Total Liabilities and Equity 12690

    Due to the nature of running a company in Minecraft the Cashflow and Stock holder’s equity statements were not prepared.

    Investors Policy

    We value investors privacy and will never disclose our investors identity. The availability of Common Stock for sale will be told upon PM by an interested party. Dividends will be paid out monthly to all investors by percentage of net income. Dividends are 10% of said net income

    Signed: Walle Ras President
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