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    Going to try to keep this short, and to the point.
    EcoCityCraft is updating to 1.16, however at this time we are delaying it for a minimum of 3 weeks.
    Meaning, we won't even begin work on it until the end of July.

    As it stands, 1.16 in its current state has been a wild mess of bugs, errors, issues, horrendous performance, and most importantly chunk conversion problems. (With every new Minecraft release, we must convert our chunks to the new format, and with 1.16, there have been reports of chunks corrupting, missing blocks, and even chests being wiped in some instances.)

    Now I'm sorry, but I'm not one to use our 10 year old community as a bug testing experiment.
    We're going to have to wait until Mojang gets some fixes pushed, until the server software teams fix all reported issues, and until things calm down.

    All in all, this is simply not something I'm willing to put ECC through at this time.
    One of our developers, who happens to be on the Paper team (the server software we use) states:
    Let's wait until things get fixed up, until more servers put themselves through the horror of updating/reporting issues, and sit back patiently until we are sure it's safe for us to move forward.


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