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    This weeks Tool is the ECC Melon Sword!
    This tool won't be available again for several months to come!


    God Key Promo is now live!

    Exclusive weekly ECC Tools via our God Drops!
    $100's of dollars of GiftCards, PayPal prizes, EcoDollars, and much more!
    Only major prizes in the crates now! Use /cc to view all rewards! (no more $1, 1k ECD, etc.)
    Each purchase of $100 or more (check out amount after coupons and all discounts have already been applied) will receive 1x God Key per each $100 spent in that purchase.

    God Keys, as with every other time, will be spun as soon as I am online and see you there. Should I not see you or be held up somewhere, I will eventually add your name to the news thread and spin them as soon as possible!

    Bonus: Use coupon code god45 this weekend for that extra 45% off during this promotion!
    Double Bonus: The Week 6 tool code is already in this weeks crate! Win two exclusives!
    Expires Sunday July 5th at 11:59pm EST!


    God Drops have been added to the crates!

    These drops will have the rarest items on EcoCityCraft!
    The drop will include star items, (minus the armor nobody wants of course) and they will all be custom, one of a kind lored/etc.

    The God Drops will also include exclusive, unachievable, unobtainable, overpowered "ECC" tools! These tools will rotate weekly where only a maximum of two ECC tools can be won in any weekend, by the ENTIRE server! Meaning, once two ECC tools are won by any users, they will be removed from the God Drops for that week! This is to ensure ultimate rarity!
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