[Dee-Vault] Safety of loan to @StillWoke

Discussion in 'Approved Contracts Archive' started by DiamondDesire, Apr 23, 2017.

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  1. DiamondDesire

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    Users Involved in this Contract:
    @DiamondDesire , @Stillwoke

    General Purpose of Contract:
    Safety of @DiamondDesire giving a loan of 80k to @Stillwoke

    I (the contract initiator) agree to the following terms, and agree that my failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract, as outlined in Rule 3:
    I agree to pay @Stillwoke 80k within 24 hours of this contracts approval.

    I agree to give @Stillwoke the right to pay late fees for 3 days after the 3rd May 2017 before making a complaint.

    The other user(s) involved with this contract must agree to the following terms:
    @Stillwoke agrees to pay back 100k for this 80k loan within 10 days. (End date 3rd May 2017) If the money is not paid by Midnight GMT on the 3rd May 2017, @Stillwoke agrees to pay late fees. Late fees will run up until the 6th May 2017 Midnight GMT. (3 Days) Costing a total of 5k per late day which must be paid before 3rd May 2017 also. If this does not happen, a complaint will be filed.

    Payment signs for the 100k payback and Late fees will be located at:

    /Warp Gamble, Debt place (180 degrees from warp), Rising Cords: x: -5162 y:72 z: -1490

    I agree that the terms in this contract are subject to all of EcoCityCraft's rules, including the rules listed specifically in this forum. I understand that the contract may be affected by future changes in EcoCityCraft rules and server updates, and I accept that due to the possibility of such changes, this contract may be at my own risk. I understand that the contents of this contract are subject to staff assessment, review and approval before it is a binding contract under EcoCityCraft rules. I accept that action may not be taken in case of a breach of contract if appropriate and sufficient evidence is not provided of such.:
    I agree
  2. Stillwoke

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    Apr 20, 2017
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    IGN: Stillwoke

    I, as another party to this contract, agree to the terms laid out for me to uphold, and understand that failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract: Yes I agree to the terms
  3. oootopia

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    Everything looks good. Please remember to double tap f2 to properly record any in game transactions :)

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