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    Hey guys it's TheCravedOne, my goals are gonna be a collection of mine and my companies goals, I'm just very excited to share em with y'all and I've never done a goals thing before but maybe this will keep my brain on track instead of adding new goals on top of this XD

    First off I'm going to say:
    • Pm me if you would like to be a part of CraveCo, we are an up and coming business and are accepting new members for work and for our offices as well for manager type positions.
    • To assist in a few of the goals below feel free to donate nether stars at /warp pendulum
    • Have an amazing day :p

    Server Goals:
    1. Get a Melon sword: work in progress as I go along, gonna be accruing stars slowly but as of right now I have 45 out of the 2200 needed
    2. Get a Melon Sword: yeah same as above 0/2200
    3. Get an Eff7: WIP 0/2200
    4. Get an Eff7: WIP 0/2200
    5. Get an Eff7: WIP 0/2200
    6. Get an Eff7: WIP 0/2200 (yes these are all the same goals basically but I need 4 of each tool)
    7. Grow CraveCo into a well known business: currently we are at 7 members in different teams, working in partnership with Roseville inc.
    8. Work on the farm: we are in the process of making a farm and we are gonna love using it
    Server Ranks:

    1. Main Server: im currently working on my main server prestige I got ecoleader and I just need two more ranks to go
    2. Survival games prestige will be a long shot so im just gonna try and focus on my other ones first
    3. VMR Prestiges, I'm willing to buy both of them hopefully at a good price
    4. Skyblock is gonna be another one im gonna pay for, all 3 prestiges
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