[Contract] Mayor rank in exchange for the town

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    Users Involved in this Contract:

    General Purpose of Contract:
    Purchasing the mayor rank for Scarff in exchange for their town.

    I (the contract initiator) agree to the following terms, and agree that my failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract, as outlined in Rule 3:

    - I, Drewbo_ agree to pay Scarff $85,000 via /pay within 24 hours of this contracts approval.
    - I, Drewbo_ agree to pay Scarff any amount that is needed for a town feature that I request.

    The other user(s) involved with this contract must agree to the following terms:

    - Scarff agrees to apply for the mayor rank within 24 hours of me paying them the $85,000.
    - Scarff agrees that I have all rights to file a town-transfer application for the town.
    - Scarff agrees to apply for any town features as long as I give them the funds. (they will apply for the town features within 48 hours of me giving them the funds)
    - Scarff agrees to add me as owner to the town "Prismarine" within 48 hours of their mayor application being accepted.
    - Scarff agrees too file a mayor application with the following format below

    In Game Name:
    Have you read the in-depth application instruction:

    I have read the instructions.
    Do you have the applicable cost in your balance:
    How did you make the funds for this application:
    Drewbo_ gave me the funds, I will be giving him the town.
    Which world will your town be placed in:
    What will be the name of your new town:
    What is the size of your town:
    Post A:
    X:4096 Y:63 Z:-7323
    Post B:
    X:4296 Y:63 Z:-7323
    Post C:
    X:4096 Y:63 Z:-7124
    Post D:
    X:4296 Y:63 Z:-7124
    Are there any towns within 15 blocks (This includes diagonally):

    Bank - https://ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/new-owner-drewbo_-bank.149925/

    Gold - https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/new-owner-drewbo_-gold.151742/

    Lapis - https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/new-owner-drewbo_-lapis.164407/#post-917749

    Additional information about your town:
    Will be Drewbo_'s town
    Have you read the server rules:
    Yes I have read the rules.
    Processing time is 1-7 days:
    I Understand.

    I agree that the terms in this contract are subject to all of EcoCityCraft's rules, including the rules listed specifically in this forum. I understand that the contract may be affected by future changes in EcoCityCraft rules and server updates, and I accept that due to the possibility of such changes, this contract may be at my own risk. I understand that the contents of this contract are subject to staff assessment, review and approval before it is a binding contract under EcoCityCraft rules. I accept that action may not be taken in case of a breach of contract if appropriate and sufficient evidence is not provided of such.:
    Yes, I agree.

    @Scarff please sign the contract with the following format.
    <your in-game name.>

    I, as another party to this contract, agree to the terms laid out for me to uphold, and understand that failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract:
    <Agreement to the terms laid out in the contract post, yes or no.>
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