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    Users Involved in this Contract:

    General Purpose of Contract:
    Rental of my eff7 pick for 1 hour.

    I (the contract initiator) agree to the following terms, and agree that my failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract, as outlined in Rule 3:
    • Provide @minecraftninja05 with my star pick.
    • Create two chests with signs on them.
      • The will both be located in legacy near -3559, 71, -4603
      • One will be labeled Star Tool Chest.
        • This will be where the pick is returned to me at the end of the hour.
      • The other will be labeled star tool rental.

    The other user(s) involved with this contract must agree to the following terms:
    • Repairs.
      • They may only be done by @CrazySwagMaster1, @minecraftninja05, or a staff member of ECC.
      • If tool gets scammed and cannot be replaced before time runs out a breach of contract complaint will be issued.
    • Logging off/late return.
      • In the event a log off is to occur during possession of my eff7 pick, it must be placed in a chest I have been /cmodifie'd to, and mailed the coords of. I must be able to access it. ie. must not be surrounded in locked obby, wood, etc.
      • If you are online, or offline, at the time your rental expires, and have not returned the pick, I assume you are buying 1 more day (25k). Any argument of this is a breach of contract. Being late is considered by being 1 second late. This is measured via blocklog in the chest you took the pick from. After that 1 extra day for 25k the pick is considered missing.
    • Missing pick.
      • In the event my pick goes missing, @minecraftninja05 dies, or it is unable to be returned to me after the extra day as been issued (outlined above) the user will have to either replace the pick with an additional payment of 200k
        • Both of those payments will be made within a month of the pick being described as missing.
      • An alternative to this would be 10 payments of 100k each.
        • Payments will be made 1 per week.
        • Negotiations to this as to where the trade sign will be located, and time will be made in game.
      • @CrazySwagMaster1 will choose which of these two methods best fit the situation.
    • Returning the pick.
      • This will be done at the chest outlined above. It is to not be renamed anything other than what it was at the time the rental begins.
    • Rental Payments.
      • 1 hour is 5k
      • 1 day is 25k
      • @minecraftninja05 is renting the pick for 1 hour, and as such, will pay me 5k before receiving the pick.
    • A Breach of Contract will only occur if all of the following are true.
      1. The pick has been described as missing.
      2. A payment to replace the pick is late OR @minecraftninja05 is unable to negotiate terms of pick being replaced (due to inactivity, incooperation, etc.)

    I agree that the terms in this contract are subject to all of EcoCityCraft's rules, including the rules listed specifically in this forum. I understand that the contract may be affected by future changes in EcoCityCraft rules and server updates, and I accept that due to the possibility of such changes, this contract may be at my own risk. I understand that the contents of this contract are subject to staff assessment, review and approval before it is a binding contract under EcoCityCraft rules. I accept that action may not be taken in case of a breach of contract if appropriate and sufficient evidence is not provided of such.:
    Yes (why would I put no, I've never understood why that option was there)
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    I, as another party to this contract, agree to the terms laid out for me to uphold, and understand that failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract:
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    Please remember to take screen shots of all transactions with time stamps (double take F2)

    Contract Approved and Locked
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