Complaint, someone placing signs in my property in athens.

Discussion in 'Complaints Archive' started by CordialBacon, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Yesterday, i went on vent, some guy called ineedaweapon was on, he was spamming the vent chat with "I need a weapon" i kept telling him to stop, and that he was spamming, eventually i said "stfu, no offence". Then he said "f*** you." and "Nobody loves you" my reply "My mom and dad love me" him "You just think they dud" me "I KNOW THEY DO" i need a weapon has left chat. He comes back, username now is "BLTwitch can die." then he said this "F*** YOUUUUUUUU" then he came back again with his username being "BLTwitch can eat my bullsh*t" again "F*** YOUUUUUUUUUU" *he wasn't even using the ** thing's, I'm serious) then he left. Now every time i log on i see vandalism in my houses and on my shop, 2 signs on my shop saying "i need a weapon" 3 signs in a row in my Athens mansion (i had not yet put doors, but i just did) saying "i need a weapon" AND 2 signs in my pool saying "i need a weapon" Pictures: ( i had removed 1 sign to place doors, this was before i placed the doors) (words are kind of hard to see but if you look it says "i need a weapon") I want these scanned by a super mod or an admin, or Andrew himself, I am annoyed by these signs and i want to know who is placing these signs, he probable doesnt deserver jail or ban, but i want to be able to talk to him to ask why he keeps placing these signs, if he doesnt like me, i'm perfectly OK with that, but i want him to stop placing the damn signs. :|
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    Re: Complaint, someone placing signs in my property in athen

    This isn't a grief report, so I'm just gonna tell you in-game, and I hope it satisfies you :p
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