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    Progress bar: I have gotten my goal :)

    Okay I would like to thank everyone who came on this page first of all. Thanks!!! Also I would like to say Hi to all the people who came on this thread. Hi!!! Okay so for those of you who don't know what this page is about, it is the thread for my mayor fund. Just to make sure I get mayor from all of your donations, I am going to put the 85k in my town (my friend gave me one don't say I don't have one please). Also I am going to get the old location I got when I was going to get mayor but backed out. I am going to check that all the signs are there as soon as I can. Okay now I would like to say that I have had a great time on ecc. I know that everyone on the server is very very nice (yes even the ones who don't donate). So this is the perfect time to do this because I am playing minecraft (ecc mostly) more than I ever have. I would love to get mayor to rank up, and possibly later apply to be a staff because I love helping new builders that come on, also my sister was staff and when she was doing it, it seemed really fun to me. So I think I would be good at helping new builders/other members on the server. So I hope to see lots of donations and I would like to thank everyone, people who donate to me and don't because they are all members of ecc!

    Donors of 70k:
    1. xpurexcorex (donated 70k for me to get mayor)

    Donors of over 5k:
    1. StephieSalvatore: 5001 (also donated 1992.09 and is on the over 1k donors list)





    Donors of over 1k

    1. DiamondDesire: 1380 (donated to me)

    2. NinjaSWAT: 1250 (gave me 500 then bought skeleton head)

    3. Mr_Doom_Bringer: 1000 (donated)

    4. Ironsloth: 1000 (donated)

    5. StephieSalvatore: 1992.09 (donated to get on donors list xD)

    People who helped in other ways

    1. CrazySwagMaster1: Helped me make sure that this was set-up correct and helped me with a bunch of other stuff around the server and if I had to pay her for what she has done I would owe her over 100k

    Items for sale:

    1 skeleton head (sold)

    Infinity (kinda for now) Plots in my town (builders get over 50% off plots) (10x10 500 20x20 1k 30x30 1.7k 40x40 (only going to be one)

    Eff 2 diamond axe I am looking for around like 7.5k but idk what it is worth so offer really

    Power 5 bow I am looking for around like 7.5k-10k Again though idk what it is worth so offer

    Power 1 bow 500 because I don't need it

    Papermafia's head looking for around 5k because I don't want to lose too much money

    Officialminer's head again probably looking for around 5k but again you can make offers on eveything

    5 nstar's 2k or cheaper again offer (sold at market sorry)

    Fire aspect 2 Looting 3 sword 2.5k but yet again offer

    Sharpness 5 Fire aspect 2 Knock back 2 diamond sword around 20k but offer

    2 iron picks with efficiency 1 and unbreaking 1 they are 750 each again offer

    26 emeralds (1 more and that is 3 emerald blocks) 1k (sold at market because no one wanted them)

    Well that is all I can sell because it is most of my stuff because I really want mayor.

    Also as excepting donations I am working myself to earn money. I have been mining a lot and I have been selling lots of my stuff. All the donation's are going towards a good cause (me getting mayor)

    Also if I am on in-game remember to /pm Cheese228989 if your interested in an item or if I am offline then make sure to mail me what you are interested in.

    Please donate and remember as I list only 5 spots for the donations I will add more as I get them, if I get them :3. So please donate and have a great time on ecc!!! :)
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    @Cheese228989 - it is great to see you are working toward a goal of being mayor! I am buying cobble and sand at above server prices at my spawnshop - Station12 - yellowmarket2. Also keep an eye on the forum for others that are buying items (especially your mining finds).
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    Wow! I have to say that I'm impressed with your thread. Keep up the good work and I'll help you irl or ingame anytime!
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    Cheese when I have 5k I will donate.
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    $800 for the eff 2 axe?