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    Reason-Vulgar language,trolling,and breaking a melon sword and also not paying back a loan.

    Counter Reason-Let me first start off by saying, that, that was not me who said those things, all though my account is my responsibility, i have to claim for the actions on my account. Heres what happened, i have soccer season starting so i wanted to go to the mall and get some things for the season, well my sister had a friend over and they kept asking if they could borrow my mine-craft account to go play on some servers, so i finally gave in and said yes, so then i left for the mall, on the way there i was on my phone going through ban appeals and complaints (looking for the complaint against me from chargers). Once i found it, i saw that glooble had replied saying "this will be added to his ban reason" i then was puzzled and wandered why would i be banned anyway so a few minutes ago (5 to be exact) i walked in the door to my house and i started asking questions, why am i banned, and such. Then they finally told me that i play to much and it would be funny for me to go ape sh** when i realised i was banned, but i found out on my own, and by asking many questions of to why the reason they would do such a thing. How ever, i am sorry for the things said in game and the amount of problems this may have caused to the mods, what ever language, or words that were said, i am sorry for that and i will promise to everyone that this will never happen again.

    As for chargers2417 i will find every possible way to pay back the money i owe you, once we can find out a time line because that is alot of money to be paid.

    The Rules I Have Broke

    Clause II: Vulgarity and Inappropriate Subjects
    All chat must be kept PG and clean - lots of our users are very young. There is to be no discussion of anything deemed inappropriate for a workplace, including but not limited to, sexuality, excessive violence and dark humour. In addition, there is to be no discussion regarding anything deemed illegal or inappropriate, which includes, but is not limited to, drugs and narcotics. We do not tolerate any racist or hateful slurs at all. We absolutely do not tolerate inappropriate chat, and you can be severely punished if it happens. This includes anything put on signs in gameplay; and goes for all of these rules. In addition, general swearing must be kept to an absolute minimum. To this end, the following situations are allowed:
    • Occasional slip-ups in unfortunate situations, that is not directed at anyone.
    • Abbreviations that involve swear words - e.g. wtf.
    • Self-censorship of a swear word.
    However, the following are absolutely prohibited:
    • Repeated and excessive swearing.
    • Swearing that is directed at anyone at all.
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    Please Appeal to Wewinagain Directly.
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