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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal Archive' started by Corby04, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. Corby04

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    Jul 16, 2014
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    Reason of Ban:
    Inappropriate and vulgar language in chat
    Rule violated:
    Section 4, Clause 2: Vulgarity
    Clause 2 - Vulgarity
    Inappropriate and vulgar language is not allowed. This includes anything put on signs, said in chat, written in books, renamed to on items (see Section 3 Clause 2.1), spelt out in blocks, or any other way of communicating.
    Occasional mild to moderate vulgarities that are not directed at anyone (such as "slip-ups" or saying them in the incorrect chat by accident), self-censorship of a swear word or abbreviations that may imply a swear word (ie. WTF?) are allowed unless it is directed at another user.
    Repeated or excessive swearing, and especially vulgar language directed at anyone, is not tolerated under any circumstance.
    Racist language or prejudicial language of any sort falls under the vulgarity rule, and is considered a very serious offence, punishment of which may not warrant a warning before being given.
    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means:
    It means i am not allowed to use bad languages in the server what so ever, nor use racist talk
    Reason you feel you think you should be unbanned:
    I feel i need to get unbanned is because I know i have made a mistake, and i'm really sorry to everyone who heard/saw what i said, And I feel i could change, for the best, and not use this way of talk again, I enjoyed playing on the server so much, and spent lots of time on it, so I really want to come back and i have learnt from my mistake! Sorry again to everyone :(
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    Nov 2, 2012
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    Hello, @Corby04.
    I am glad you wish to re-join our server's community, but you need to understand that different age groups play around here, and we want to keep chat as clean as possible. Directing any kind of vulgar language at another user is highly inapproriate, and I expect to see better of you in the future. As this is your first, and hopefully your last offense, I shall be issuing you a 3 hour tempban. I suggest you revise the server rules until your tempban expires, as another ban for the same offense will result to more severe punishment.

    Locked - User TempBanned for 3 Hours.
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