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    Apr 19, 2017
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    In Game Name:
    Have you changed your Minecraft username since being banned? If so, what is your previous name:
    Which of ECC's services are you banned on:
    Reason of Ban:
    Trolling, Vulgarity, and Inappropriate Behavior.
    Rule Violated:
    Section 2:
    Clause 2 - Trolling
    -Flame baiting

    Section 4:
    Clause 2 - Vulgarity
    -Inappropriate and vulgar language is not allowed. This includes anything put on signs, said in chat, written in books, renamed to on items (see Section 3 Clause 2.1), spelt out in blocks (see Section 2, Clause 2.1), or any other way of communicating.
    -Repeated or excessive swearing, and especially vulgar language directed at anyone, is not tolerated under any circumstance.

    Clause 3 - Inappropriate/Touchy Subjects and Discussions
    -All chat must be kept appropriate and clean at all times. There is to be no discussion of anything deemed inappropriate for a workplace, including, but not limited to, sexuality, excessive violence, alcohol/drugs and inappropriate or dark humor.
    -This rule extends into subjects about illegal substances or actions, including drugs.
    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means:
    The rules state that one must refrain themselves from using vulgar and inappropriate language in chat, or in other forms such as signs or books.
    Reason you feel you think you should be un-banned:
    I apologize to anyone I may have offended, and I promised myself I wouldn't get banned again after what had happened previously. I regret letting myself get carried away in chat, and after I was warned I realized what I had done, and stopped myself from going farther. I understand that what I said can't be undone, but I would like to try and fix any hard feelings that may have occurred during my reckless and irresponsible behavior.
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    Hello @YungHomer thank you for filing this ban appeal. After reviewing it and discussing the whole situation with other staff members we decided we won't be unbanning you. This is your second ban in the last couple of weeks for the same offences, and inbetween the ban it's fair to say you weren't too much of an angel. We have no interest in letting people back on the server just to ban them a couple of weeks and many infractions of the server rules later. If you want to continue playing on the server you need to change, because this clearly isn't ok. This means that in your appeal you need to really pursuade us that you'll change, spending time and effort on it and telling us how you'll change for the better. I look forward to seeing another better appeal from you.

    Locked, denied.
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