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    Minecraft Username: bvhu1234
    Reason of Ban: Obvious Troll/Inapropriate language
    Rule violated:
    Clause 2 - Trolling
    This rule is super simple. Don’t be a troll, and especially don’t troll others away from the server. Please look up “Troll (Internet)” for a more comprehensive definition.
    This includes flaming or attempts to start any form of chaos and discord within the server.
    Clause 3 - Harassment
    Harassment constitutes as any form of action (chat or game play wise) that makes another player feel threatened or otherwise ruins their game play. Griefing in the wild does not constitute harassment. Harassment in the wild is strictly chat/command based.
    This includes, but is not limited to; blackmail, bullying or any other form of harassment that occurs through our chat system.
    Attempting to kill other players in any non-PvP zone also constitutes as harassment, and succeeding in killing other players in non-PvP areas is a very severe offence that will result in a ban.
    Clause 4 - Common Sense and Bending the Rules
    While this is a gaming environment, EcoCityCraft is also a very large community. As such, we expect that all players use their common sense. Be a good sport and a friendly community member.
    Common sense extends to not bending the rules. Bending the rules constitutes as very severe trolling, and is not tolerated in any form.
    Encouraging others to break the rules is not using your common sense.
    Finding ways around the rules is punishable at administration’s discretion, from warnings all the way up to bans. Please see EcoCityCraft's General Disclaimer for more information.
    If you feel like a rule has a loophole or a way that it could be used to be trolly, we encourage use of our suggestions forum or contacting the administration directly in order to take a look at the rules that may need to be changed.
    Clause 2 - Vulgarity
    Inappropriate and vulgar language is not allowed. This includes anything put on signs, said in chat, written in books, renamed to on items (see Section 3 Clause 2.1), spelt out in blocks, or any other way of communicating. Occasional mild to moderate vulgarities that are not directed at anyone (such as "slip-ups" or saying them in the incorrect chat by accident), self-censorship of a swear word or abbreviations that may imply a swear word (ie. WTF?) are allowed unless it is directed at another user.
    Repeated or excessive swearing, and especially vulgar language directed at anyone, is not tolerated under any circumstance.
    Racist language or prejudicial language of any sort falls under the vulgarity rule, and is considered a very serious offence, punishment of which may not warrant a warning before being given.
    Clause 3 - Inappropriate/Touchy Subjects and Discussions
    EcoCityCraft is a server community consisting of many age groups, religious groups, and political backgrounds. As such, there are many touchy subjects that we do not allow in our public channels in order to keep the peace and prevent arguments and flame wars from occurring.
    All chat must be kept appropriate and clean at all times. There is to be no discussion of anything deemed inappropriate for a workplace, including, but not limited to, sexuality, excessive violence, alcohol/drugs and inappropriate or dark humor.
    This rule extends into subjects about illegal substances or actions, including drugs.
    Politics, religion, banned users, and suicide are common “touchy subjects”, however they are not the only ones. Should a staff member ask you to change a subject they feel is touchy and/or is causing the direction of chat to deviate towards an argument or flame war, you must drop the subject immediately
    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means: Trolling is that I shouldn't be mean or harass staff about things (or other players) and be nice and not "mess" with them for "fun". Inappropriate language means not to swear, or mention touchey subjects that should be left alone.
    Reason you feel you think you should be unbanned: I feel like I should be unbanned because I feel like I can change, I was stupid and forgot how much I love this server and I really want to change that around, please forgive me.
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    Hello @bvhu1234, thanks for appealing.

    As you know, trolling and inappropriate behavior in chat is not prohibited on ECC neither will it be tolerated. Seeing as you have done as asked from your previous appeals and the length of your ban, I will be giving you a one day tempban.

    During this time, I'd like you to refresh yourself with all of our server rules and specifically the ones you broke from here.

    Locked, user issued a one day temp ban.
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