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    Official Austintown Thread

    Town features
    • Town warp. /warp austintown
    • A town shop to buy various blocks and food (work in progress).
    • Town exclusive portals to the mining world and the server tutorial.
    • Useful tips/commands to help newer users.
    • Public farm (melons, carrots, potatoes, wheat and beetroots)
    • Signs that let you convert iron/gold ore into ingots.
    • All members of the town get access to free donation feature services. Water placements, lava/fire placements, teleports to users, teleports to coordinates, tool/armor repairs, anything to do with extcreations (click and see), instantly smelt ores and investigations.
    • 10x10 plots are 500$ or 1 nether star
    • 15x15 plots are 1000$ or 2 nether stars
    • 20x20 plots are 2000$ or 4 nether stars
    Town Rules
    • Do not grief the town. Only build inside your plot.
    • Do not mine under the town. Mine at /warp mining or walk through the mining world portal in the town or at spawn.
    • Do not put trade signs in the town.
    • Members of the town may only own 1 plot.
    • Respect all members of the town.
    • Replant all farms when you are finished.
    • No building farms on your plot.
    • Being inactive for 7 days will result in a 3 day eviction notice.
    Understand that breaking any rules may result in being removed from the town with a 3 day heads up.
    Forward any questions or comments to @austinsplaneguy via /pm, /mail, forum pm or right here in the thread.

    How can I join?
    You can join the town by simply pming any of the online owners @austinsplaneguy @oootopia @Ndm57dcraft and asking for a plot. Hope to see you soon!

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