Attn: Anybody that is going to wonder where I'm going to be

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    Hey everybody,

    My online gaming time is going to be GREATLY reduced starting tomorrow. I am starting school again, doing a double major in Civil Engineering and Architecture. During the week I start class at 8:30, and do not get back to my apartment until roughly 6:30. Sorry if it feels like I'm abandoning you guys (it shouldn't, since I barely ever speak to the general populace or leave my island), but I'm taking 20 credits (that's 20 hours in class every week, for those of you that don't know), and need to study and work on projects ALOT.

    However, I will most likely jump on the server throughout the week (maybe Monday and Wednesday... or whenever I have time). But, I will more than likely be active during the weekend (especially Sundays), as long as I don't have major projects or lab reports to do.

    If you need to contact me, send me a PM here on the forum. If it is an emergency situation, I will get onto the server ASAP (which will most likely be sometime after 8 PM PST); and I will address any situations.

    Hope to see you all sometime. I might even post some of the projects I do :D

    See you all more over Winter Break!

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