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    hi there I’m apex just a friendly president wanting to help you u have lots of chests laying around u want it to be neat and tidy u want it to look good then pm or dm me for a quote or you know what u want please contact me

    For a small vault 25 chests 15k
    For a medium vault 75 chests 25k
    For a large vault 100 chests 40k
    For a extra large vault 200 chests 80k
    All theese vaults will be complete in 24 hours
    For the high rollers u have the extra choice of a experimental vault 300+chests for 100k theese will normaly take 2 to 3 days to complete

    I will clear the area and get the materials my self so you dnt have to spend more than quoted all payments to be made at the end of the build when you have looked around and love it
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