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    'Welcome to the Annihilation clan Thread.

    The Annihilation clan is now recruiting for the first time ever. This new pvp clan will be there to fight when needed and fight our own wars. When you join all will fear you as you will be looked upon as an Annihilator.

    Annihilation Rules
    1. Do not grief the clan base.
    2. Respect all clan members and Ally's
    3. Don't use inappropriate language against enemy's.
    4. Serve Total Annihilation to our Enemy's
    5. Respect and follow orders given to you by the higher clan ranked members.
    6. Follow the ECC Rules.
    7. Swear upon the 'CLH Oath' and follow it.

    The CLH Oath
    'As a member of the annihilation clan i will follow this code i swear upon today, I will follow all orders given to me by higher ranks even if it means death! I will help and support any clan member or ally in any sort of fight! I will keep any tactics shared with you completely secret and not share them! I will follow the rules of the clan! and I understand after swearing to this oath that if i do not abide any of these i will be kicked out of the clan and seen as an enemy and turned on by the clan.'

    Want to join?
    Sword Level-
    Archery Level-
    Acrobatic Level-
    Current Armour and weapons:
    Do you swear upon the 'CLH Oath':

    Ally Information
    If you would like to ally with the clan these are the features you would get:
    -Support in any war you may have
    -Heavily thought out tactics
    -A skilled combat team to aid you
    - Any support in places to stay.
    In return the clan asks for the following:
    -To get help in any war when needed.
    -Have access to any base you may have and tactics.
    -Support in supply's.

    Want to ally with us?
    Clan Name:
    Number of Clan Members:
    Designated Base (If yes Name the Region and if it has portal use):
    Do you agree to our Rules and the boundaries the clan will take:
    Do you Agree to the 'CLH Oath':