An act of Kindness

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    There have been many acts of kindness on ECC. From players giving away free plots of land, giving items to one another, buying friends ranks, giving away coupons and ECD. All equally amazing and equally helpful, not just to those who receive them, but also for the server in creating a kinder community. No matter how much or how little you've helped someone, I believe nearly everyone on ECC has done something for another person without expecting a reward. This is truly an amazing feat for the ECC community. On a server that can be as Economically cut-throat as you make it, there are still many acts of kindness can be done. Today @LJKAzrael decided to purchase the fly feature for me on a whim for free and I thank you very much, not just for the feature, but for this act of kindness that maybe it will spread the word to do something nice for another, without reward.

    I can't remember the first day I meet @LJKAzrael or even the early business we may have done together as that was a back in the day, maybe as far back as 3 years ago. But I do remember @LJKAzrael being a vivid ECC player, active not only in playing, but also in chatting, selling/buying, (Him buying an ungodly amount of iron), and active on the forum. I knew @LJKAzrael as that respected hermit who lived in Lancaster when I was primarily running store in the Lancaster mall and later to become a co-mayor to Lancaster. Although we may not know each other well, we sure did know each other, conducted business together multiple times, and chat once in a while. A friendship has created, whether or not we acknowledge it before, I will now. No longer just a respected ECC player, but a friend of mine. @LJKAzrael thank you for everything, all the business we've done, all the little chats, I truly appreciate it, it means a lot to me.

    So why post this? I post this not only to thank @LJKAzrael but to also spread the word of kindness. There have been many, many acts over the years and I hope there are more to come. Rember that even though the name of the game is Economy and we're all trying to make a buck, also remember to have fun with one another, to enjoy playing on an Economy server as fun and unique as EcoCityCraft. Remeber to every now and then, share/spread kindness to another. No matter how small or big, a plot of land, a stack of bread, even just a few kind words, we all appreciate it.

    As finally a few words, share you're experienceless of kindness down below. Share a story of how you got a plot of land and from there created a town or a few kind words that made your day. Thank you again @LJKAzrael and thank you EcoCityCraft community for all the fun I've had and hopefully many more to come.
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    What a great idea for a thread! @LJKAzrael thats awesome to hear what you did :)
    @matrix_rep has been very kind to me over the past year, both in ECC and outside of it. He’s given me features, ECD, and much more! He’s also a pretty awesome boyfriend too ngl. @Ian__D and @LanRooks have been amazing friends as well lately, they’re both really understanding people! :)