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    Hello there EcoCityCraft.

    I've created this thread for multiple purposes. This thread will show the items that I'm in need of, and I'll be hoping that players on this server will sell me these items. I do look forward to every deal made between myself and the players.

    Items needed (9th June 2013, GMT +8, Australia - Perth):
    • Dirt/Grass (11 Double Chests) - Willing to pay $9/stack of dirt or grass. I do know that grass is more expensive, however, if you're willing to let it go at $9/stack, I'll be more than happy to purchase it. [Status: In need of 11 double chests filled]
    If you do have any offers for the items that I'm in need of, please do post below with the following format:

    *All offers that are given without the format above, will be rejected immediately.*

    Additional Information:
    • I live in Australia, Perth, hence my timezone is GMT +8.
    • 0900 hours - 1300 hours ; 1800 hours - 2300 hours ; 0100 hours - 0330 hours (GMT +8) [My online timings during June]
    With that, I do hope all of the players would be more than happy to do frequent trades with me throughout my days in EcoCityCraft. I wish you guys, all the best!

    With regards,