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    1. What is your In-Game-Name?
    2. Do you have the payment needed for the service? (If applicable)
    No payment is needed with what i saw.
    3. What kind of world editing project is this?
    World edit for my town, so that it'll be flat.
    4. What is the co-ordinates of the location you need it at?
    X: -102
    Y: 73
    Z: -2264
    This is about the hilliest part. ^
    5. How have you prepared your request/land for worldediting.
    I have, i made a border of which you are to world edit to, (100 x 100 border, not the 60 x 60) but no further.
    6. Why do you want this world edited/reasons?
    Because it is verrrry hilly, and would take forever to clear, i do not have the money to higher workers and i certainly don't want to do it by myself, i have a border marking a land 60 x 60, and another border around that marking 100 x 100, I would like you to edit from the current border (60 x 60) to the future border, (100 x 100) a little bit of the land is water, and i do not mind if you deiced not to do that space. there are a couple houses on the hillier part of the land, one of them is owned by habsjosh, and i have sent a in-game mail to him about it, so you can just leave the house floating in mid-air and I'll talk to habsjosh when he gets on and polity ask him to remove it, (of chorus i can always just say welcome to the town and make him a member of my town :p) The other one i do not know who owns it, it's mainly with what i can see, a diving board into a pool, there are no chests in there and the door is not locked, so for now that can also float. I realize i will probable get a no, as this is very detailed and a bit interesting of a world edit to do, thanks for reading, Andrew. Hope you say yes, :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.