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    Throughout the past 2-3 months, there has been a dupe bug on all Minecraft servers. It has been kept pretty hush hush, and continuous effort to prevent it / increase it's difficulty has gone into EcoCityCraft behind the scenes.

    We now, finally, have a 100% proper fix preventing it's usage.
    This fix will also show us all locations the bug has been abused in, and allow us to fully investigate anyone who was able to use & abuse it.

    However, not all cases will lead to the culprit immediately, and investigations will take a lot of my time.
    For this reason, I am offering a $1,000 USD Bounty Pot for all reports leading to the PermaBan and confiscation of duped items on EcoCityCraft as a direct result of this specific bug.

    - No information will be given as to what the bug was.
    - No information will be given as to how the bug worked.
    - Regular dupe bugs will be rewarded under our original reward system.
    - All payments will be made via PayPal, or Western Union, if you absolutely insist you receive cash.
    - Payments will only be made once we verify and ban/confiscate all duped items. We will not tolerate blackmail.

    TL;DR - Save yourself a permaban, and report yourself, or whoever you know that's done this. Money is fun, and there's $1,000 USD up for grabs ;).

    To report simply send me a forum pm with the following:

    - Explanation of what the dupe bug is.
    - Who you are reporting (yourself or another user).
    - Which location you did this in and which items you did this with.

    PS: To be absolutely honest, we are not expecting anyone to have seriously abused this as I'm confident we did a very good job at preventing it, however you never know, thus this thread has been made.
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