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Left picture: /d vex setangry true setglowing true setiteminmainhand 57
Middle picture: /d droppeditem setitemstack bedrock
Right picture: /d endercrystal

All stealth packages have finally been remade!
Stealth, StealthPlus & StealthPlus2 is now available via https://shop.ecocitycraft.com

Changes include:

- All mobs available as pets are now available as disguises as well.
- StealthPlus2 adds absolutely all options a specific disguise offers including absolutely all misc disguises that the plugin offers. Disguise as literally almost any minecraft item, and much more.
- Tons of code changes and command rewrites.
Congratulations to all our May voting winners!
May Top Prizes: 5/5/5/5/4/4/4/3/3/2 Event Tokens + Voting Medal!

@Server Admin - Please update the Event Tokens thread.

1.12 has been released.
You may now update your clients & mods and use the latest version of Minecraft to play on ECC.

As always please be aware of possible bugs & issues.
If you stumble upon any issues please report them via the help/support forum section. Any major exploits/problems will be rewarded heavily.

The Mining, Nether & End worlds have as well been reset. :)
1.12 is scheduled to release today.
Do NOT update your clients. Only version 1.11.2 will work on ECC at this time.

We will have a 1.12 update out for you as soon as possible! I will do my best to get it out for the weekend. ( Please don't hold me to that though ;-; )
EcoCityCraft has just joined the BuyCraft enterprise plan for added functionality & in preparation for our AEM server launches. With this comes some great new BuyCraft features we can use! (As well as a big premium we pay BuyCraft lol).

We'd like to introduce a feature many have been waiting on to make a return from the old days. As well, it's now fully automated!

Gift Cards!

Give them to your friends, buy them for yourselves, sell them for EcoDollars in game, and more :)
Be aware, if someone is offering to sell you a Gift Card for EcoDollars, tell them to use your email in the email portion of the purchase! Not doing so will mean they as well will have your Gift Card code and we will absolutely not assist you if someone uses portions of your Gift Card. Stay safe! Stay smart! Keep your Gift Card codes private!

To purchase follow these steps:

1. Visit: https://shop.ecocitycraft.com/category/945413

2. Add the Gift Card to your cart.

3. Fill out the required fields.

4. Continue with your purchase as usual and enjoy your Gift Card code!

5. Check your Gift Card balance on the home page of our store via https://shop.ecocitycraft.com
EXPIRES: July 5th 11:59PM EST.
Quick link here: www.tinyurl.com/aemredeem

We will be allowing AEM players to redeem the equivalent of the rank that used to be on their AEM survival account in USD on our store to help them get started on ECC. Hopefully this will help some of the players out and will compensate at least a little regarding the ranks you feel you lost when AEM went into closure.

If you had any of the following ranks on AEM Survival please follow the steps below to receive a coupon for the same USD amount to be used on our store:

Extreme - $200
Ultimate - $100
Premium - $50
Elite - $30
Supporter - $15
VIP - $5

Follow these steps to receive your coupon:

1. Log in to our server via mc.ecocitycraft.com
2. Use command /aemredeem (this won't do anything other than internally log that your account has used the command while online).
3. Log out of our server.
4. Ensure you have a forum account on www.ecocitycraft.com using the same username as your Minecraft account.
5. Forum PM andrewkm with the subject line AEM RANK and request a coupon for the rank you had.
6. That's it. You will get a reply with a coupon code for the amount of your previous rank that you can use for ECC features via https://shop.ecocitycraft.com
7. Please note coupons can only be used in the "Features" category: https://shop.ecocitycraft.com/category/289834

8. WARNING! Coupons can only be used once. If you get something with a coupon the remainder won't stay on that coupon so be sure to use as much of it up as possible right away.
We experienced several restarts today due to several broken systems:
- Anti Cheat
- Extended Anti Cheat
- Survival Games
- Procotol Lib
- other plugins.

We believe all issues should now be taken care of and fixed. Sorry for the continuous down times. ECC was quite a mess today.
@JamieSinn and I have lately been constantly working on backend stuff that really hasn't been affecting game play much other than fixing bugs, so today we felt like doing something random and new. Also, I love elytras lol <3

We made two new star items...

Star Elytra:
An Elytra with Unbreaking 10 & tons of novelty enchantments on it.
Cost: 500,000 EXP via /warp starshop


Star Rocket:
A firework rocket with infinite usage during Elytra flight. Never breaks, never depletes.
Cost: 500,000 EXP via /warp starshop


Enjoy and fly safe! :)

We have decided to let users purchase certain sections of Spawn.
A very detailed Wiki page has been written up here that will inform you on everything regarding the current available Exclusive Spawn Areas: https://ecocitycraft.com/wiki/index.php?title=Exclusive_Spawn_Areas

There are many areas around spawn that are simply empty and have nothing going on. We're going to offer these areas up for sale on our EcoCityCraft Shop as permanent purchases (not subscription based!). Once you buy it, it's yours. Should anyone else want that area ever again they will have to buy it from the current owners with EcoDollars.

Spawn Statue medals have now changed to Spawn Area medals, and are once again available as we are now offering more Spawn Areas for sale.


The first thing we will list for sale will be the Spawn Shops located at the following warps:
/warp shop1 - /warp shop2 - /warp shop3
/warp shop4 - /warp shop5 - /warp shop6

I would love to auction these off somehow, however BuyCraft doesn't offer an auction system. Instead I have opted a different strategy to slightly mimic an auction. I will be listing the areas at excessively expensive prices. I will then drop the prices by 10% constantly every few hours or so. You can either buy it when you feel the price is right, or keep waiting for it to continuously drop until it's something you feel is reasonable. Good luck!