We have changed Forum Gold/Lite to Forum Premium.

All users who had Forum Gold have been transferred to Forum Premium.
Forum Premium is available here: https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/account/upgrades

- At this time the absolutely only change is that those who had the gold sparkles lost them.
We are attempting to scratch the entire two packages thing, and let users with Forum Premium have more personal customizations.

You can now also buy the upgrade for other users!
Another thing to sell in game for ECD.
This can be done via the upgrades page.


PS: Don't forget about the cool new forum styling we have previously added:
Hey everyone!

We are introducing a new fun customization packed personal style feature!
All users who have Forum Premium get access to this!

You can find the options to this feature at the very bottom of our forum!


Simple "Color Options" give you various choices such as:


While the AD styler is one mighty feature in itself!

You get a whole range of epic pre-styled designs to choose from & the ability to customize your style your very own way! Just click minecraft or other for cool backgrounds and choices to customize your EcoCityCraft experience how you want!

Example of "MINECRAFT -> THE END":

And for those who miss the old school look, check out "CLASSIC-BLUE":

PS: The price of Forum Premium is $29.99 however you can still easily get this upgrade *free* by simply participating in our many sale promotions! Visit https://shop.ecocitycraft.com to see if a Promotion is running! Plus hundreds of you already have this upgrade so enjoy! <3

Made a cool style you want to show off? Please post a photo of it in our pictures section!
I definitely want to see all the cool customizations you guys come up with :)!
So, a little backstory on this...

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, ECC started off with, well this, over half a decade ago:

We later slowly transitioned from the phpBB software to Xenforo, and the "at the time" popular Flexile Dark theme:

Our final days came May 29th 2016 when we left our final Flexile Dark form:

and finally, transitioned into something fresh, and "professionally/properly" done.

(Many forum owners to this day, no matter how new/old still do not know how to properly set up Xenforo themes. Mike C (CEO of Audentio) has some phenomenal tips/instructions/and full out guides on how to do this the right way making it totally future proof.

Now I know you all may hate change, but it is being done for the very best! Let me attempt to explain:

Ever since 1-2 years ago we have been running the Flexile Dark Xenforo theme. Updates to this theme stopped happening over a year ago, however, it has stopped properly working over 1.5+ years ago. Ever since then I have been constantly making custom/annoying changes, on and on, in an attempt to continue fixing this broken theme; to the point where our entire system was running on "andrewkm-duct-tape" mode. Hey, ...it worked... right =). However this couldn't go on forever, I continued to plan an update, but the more changes I made to all our custom stuff, settings, templates, styles, server integrations, the more horrid that "to-do list" entry looked as the time it would take was getting longer and longer by the week.

Yesterday however, I said no more. I bought the very popular UI.X framework and began work on it. 18 hours of straight work later, (including over 380+ custom changes that I had to go through one by one, in...
"Hey everyone!

So today we got some very custom and super exclusive work done for ECC. Before I introduce this I'd like to give a huge thanks to our Development team leader @KHobbits - his work on this project, and throughout all the years on ECC has been amazing, and many of our custom additions on the server would not be possible without him!

Now, we all know that we do applications for ranks and a few other things by hand on the forums. Although these could be automated (Resident, Mayor, Etc), it would completely mess up how our administration works. (We use these applications for investigative/administrative & specifically research purposes at many times in various situations.)

However! When it comes to our new Forum Banking, we have found a way to integrate all history into our in-game, forum, and a few other locations all automatically. Therefore, without further ado, we would like to introduce..."

Automatic Banking Deposits/Withdrawals

(You didn't think we'd just be silly and make you fill bank apps out forever did you =P)

The in-game commands will be as follows:
/bank deposit <amount>
(Deposit EcoDollars from the Minecraft server into your forum bank)
/bank withdraw <amount>
(Withdraw EcoDollars from the forum bank into your Minecraft server)
/bank balance
(Check your forum bank balance in game)

Transfer EcoDollars between the EcoCityCraft Minecraft server and EcoCityCraft Forum automatically with zero hassle!

Your bank transaction page will fully support this command....