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    Apr 2, 2016
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    Hello everyone,

    General Information
    It's your boy Hayden here, coming at you with another Minecraft AEM update, in this post I will be covering a few topics in the post including crates, server releases, suggesting and other miscellaneous topics.

    If you didn't know there was an email sent out to most forums users with a coupon code, however, we have found a more effective way to give players their code by automatically removing 60% from your purchases! You don't need a code, happy purchasing! Sale is ending in the next 48 hours.

    Crates, this has seemed to be an issue with players since the early release, many people like it but many also do not. This is why we are creating a poll for players to vote. There will be 3 options, 1. Nerf Crates, 2. Remove Crates, and 3. Keep crates as they are. The poll will be attached, give us your honest opinion.

    Next Server Releases
    Well, well, well, the next server to be released will be da da da da factions. After factions will come KitPvP, Zombies, Skywars and Prison, in order! Keep checking back for when the release of your favorite server is.

    Rank Loss
    Since the reset there have been some issues with people receiving their rank, this is due to the provider we use to send commands have been having issues with the Minecraft UUID name change. Get your cheap rank now at This has since been fixed, however, if you are one of the unfortunate people to have purchased a rank 1 to 2 years ago and have lost it we will fix your rank, absolutely free. All you have to do is make a report here ( please follow the template.
    If you do lie about purchasing a rank you will be permanently banned from the network

    As you know, we are listening to ALL suggestions, even if we agree with it or not. We're a network purely for the players and will change things depending on what the player base wants. Please, reply to this thread with your suggestions, please only do that within the next 24 hours, after 24 hours is up, you must post them in the correct area.

    Click the follow link depending on your suggestion:

    The release log will come tomorrow, check for that too!

    Keep being awesome!
    - Hayden, Sway and the rest of the AEM staff

What do you want to happen with crates?

  1. Keep Crates As They Are

    57 vote(s)
  2. Nerf Crates

    32 vote(s)
  3. Remove Crates

    11 vote(s)


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    1. xXGmoneyXx
    2. Kian_Lawley
    3. SirDuCkZ
      dont nerf them!
    4. pokeball92870
      I say nerf crates a bit. Some of the items, especially in skyblock, make the original spirit of "spend hours to build an iron farm" into a pay-to-win. What's the point of showing off your cool iron farm if you can get 3x iron golem spawners. Doesn't seem too fair to those who can't put down a bit of cash for keys.
    5. Shadowlegendz
      Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
    6. Wiktor
      I noticed that with the reset, it also seemed to reset some people's Trusted rank to Member. Is this something we're just gonna have to deal with? I'm not saying that I completely hate having to play 24 hrs to gain it back (I'll probably make that time up in 3-4 days), but I would like to say that it is kind of a bummer.

      I'd also like to say, from what I see so far, the reset has done good. I am definitely seeing more people online than pre-reset.
    7. Rainingrecon
      Skyblock doesn't seem like a challenge anymore. I see it as a glorified survival world, floating in the sky, where you can obtain almost anything within a short amount of time (or with enough keys/in game money). I enjoyed the thrill of working towards the "end game content" (how big is your iron/gold farm) knowing that I earned everything that I achieved. Now skyblock feels like it's been permanently stuck on easy mode.
    8. TheJackLC
      It is still a thrill theirs the challenge to finish all your island challenges first, to hold first place on /baltop and even to have the highest island level /is top. Their is also the competition of having the biggest Iron Golem, Enderman and Pigman spawner farm as well their is also the challenge to who builds the biggest cacti farm
    9. BirdWatcher21
      I would just take the beacon out of the voting crate and move it to a higher level crate.
    10. Rainingrecon
      All of those things listed aren't thrilling on such a forgiving server. If there's not a reasonable amount of difficulty, it's not enjoyable for me.
    11. zRinne
      Yes, the auto rank has been resetted so everyone starts with 0 game play time.
    12. Wiktor
      Thank you! Appreciate the fast reply!
    13. EmeraldMiner233
      I agree with Pokeball
    14. PineappleGem
      I am loving the new server — fresh start is always interesting! And great to see old players coming back! <3 As well as new players enjoying the server for the first time :)

      I voted keep the voting crates, but agree with Poke's statement above. Spawners are cool but kinda take away the fun and pride that making a farm all by yourself (or with others as well) provides.
    15. Hayden
      We are nerfing crates, you'll see the updates with the next restart.
    16. EmeraldMiner233
      The way I see it is, if you make a server fun, and enjoyable, players will vote/donate, you shouldn't have to make voting and donating give players extremely over powered loot, the way AlexM850 had the server was great! I loved it, and i'm sure many of you did too, it was in no way as Over Powered as AEM is now, I wish things could have stayed the way they were, maybe a few minor tweaks, but AlexM50 had a great server set-up, I don't know why the new owners thought it had to be changed so dramatically. Sure, I think crates are a cool feature, they are way to OP at the moment.

      Also, I think any type of Spawner should be removed from skyblock, in my opinion, spawners completely ruin gameplay. So many skyblock servers are adding spawners, AEM was the last server I could find that didn't have Spawners on Skyblock. it's quite sad to see AEM evolve in to one of so those many Over Powered servers.
    17. TheJackLC
      The new owners had to change AEM cause if you didn't notice before the reset the player count was completely dead, and if prefer them to remove the spawners from Skyblock that would require a Skyblock reset with a new economy
    18. Konata
      Lets talk in color cause I like to be different. Do what you want with the crates, just dont remove them, I donated a crap ton today cause i needed a good start, and i'm a noob. Ill still buy them, Lol. From survival
      Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
    19. enderlink
      I think they should be nerfed. I purchased a few legend dart keys on Skygrid, and one of the things I got was /fly. I think that it ruins the game to be honest,and I didn't really want it. On top of that, when you give spawners in sky block, it just defeats a lot of the purposes of iron farms, xp grinders and what not.
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