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    Hello AEM'ers! We hope you've been having a great Winter holiday, because we've been working behind the scenes to make your experience on the servers even better!

    Free VIP?
    Firstly, AEM wants to be more generous to you, the players! As a result, Trusted players on Survival can be promoted to the VIP rank ($5 in the store) after playing on the server for a total of 6 days! We're slowly implementing this on all of the servers in the network, so if you don't have the money to spare, you can still get in on the donation perks!

    New Hubs
    AEM has implemented new hubs/lobbies, giving a fresh new look to the server! (You may have also noticed the excessive number of players in the hubs some weeks ago. This was due to a network issue, which has been fixed (woohoo!).) Be sure to give us your suggestions! From mini-games to other neat hub features, we want your feedback!

    Upcoming: non-OP Skyblock
    In terms of what's to come, @Sway has been hard at work to bring you a new server, coming very soon. You can expect non-OP Skyblock to make an appearance in early 2017, with more coming after that!! Non-OP Skyblock brings the classic Skyblock experience and economy back to AEM, with the more OP features staying with regular Skyblock. Your donation ranks will automatically be transferred to the new server, so there's no need to donate again. (and to clarify, this will not replace Skyblock, but be another server alongside it).

    Now, if you don't know already, AEM has moved away from TeamSpeak. Instead, we've got our own Discord server! Discord is a lightweight, free client that's packed with more features and customization than TS, and we think you'll like it. You can download Discord here, and our server invite link is We have staff on Discord at all hours of the day, so don't be afraid to give one of us a PM. Join today!

    AEM on YouTube!
    In other news, we have our own YouTube channel! From gameplays on the server, to showcases of your builds and islands or other AEM related updates, we (will) have it all! Our YouTube channel will also have sneak peeks to upcoming features on the network before they're released to you! What's more, in every video, we are going to hide donation coupons that you can use on the store. Be sure to get there first, as these only have a certain number of uses before they're gone!

    AFK on AEM, and New Policies
    On a more serious note, we've received several complaints from players about staff members being too harsh regarding AFK players or forum threads. As a result, we're working together to create new, less strict policies that all staff will be required to follow. And to finally clarify, you CAN go away from your computer on the servers, just be sure to come back soon, or expect to be teleported back to spawn. You have been warned! ;)

    Staff Promotions!
    Even more, we've had some promotions to our staff members over the past few weeks. Congratulations to:

    @Charles Perkins, who was promoted from Helper to Mod,
    @redneckpie, who was promoted from Mod to Admin,
    @OreoTwinkies, who has rejoined the staff team and is now an Admin, and
    @Koko, who is now a Helper on all of our servers!
    Want to be a staff member and help out the servers? After registering a forum account and posting on the forums 10 times (don't spam, please!), you will be eligible to create a staff application. It doesn't matter if you've donated or not, all we ask is that you are at least 16+ years old to apply (exceptions may be made based on special cases).

    35% Sale Still Going for 2 More Days!
    We have a sale running until December 31st, where donor ranks on the server are 35% off in our store! Be sure to take advantage while it lasts! Remember, your feedback is extremely important to us. Be sure to leave your suggestions, as we frequently check the forums!

    Upcoming Updates to Existing Servers!
    And finally, some servers are seeing some cool new changes and updates! Survival is in the process of being updated to 1.11.2 at last, with cool new features such as furniture (wow!). With new things to do like exploring the new End, Elytra-firework powered flight, you won't want to miss this new update.

    Even more, the Creative server will soon host a free-build world, with no plot restrictions. Anyone who wishes to build will need to apply on the website, coming soon. We'll be sure to keep you informed as to what we're planning!

    That's all! We here at AEM hope you are having a great vacation, and we all look forward to seeing you on the servers. From all of us, have a great day, and let's make 2017 a great year!

    AEM Staff Team


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    1. TomPearuss
      I would download Minecraft on my laptop again just to play OG Skyblock.
    2. EmeraldMiner233
      Still waiting on the return of Skywars!

      That will be the day!
    3. EmeraldMiner233
      Yeah Skyblock sucks now... :/
    4. Sway
      I agree
    5. EmeraldMiner233
      Glad to see the owner agrees, hopefully will be seeing a skyblock reset soon, and original Skyblock returning!
    6. Sway
      fyi i never agreed with how skyblock was setup and released, Not that i really took part in the initial re-release of the opskyblock.
    7. marsel_2000
      Really liking how the staff are re-establishing a firm communication with the community, imo it's what makes a community great and successful.
      Also, would it be okay to make a thread of what I would like to see in the new non-OP skyblock, as a veteran of this server and skyblock.
    8. Sway
      I don't see why not
    9. marsel_2000
      Alright I'll get on it then.
    10. CaptainStarkie
      Excited! Good work lads (y)
    11. Rainingrecon

      Sorry, got exited that non-OP skyblock is coming back. A shame that obsidian is still a pain to collect though =p
    12. EmeraldMiner233
      Not really, I never liked the string/redstone - obsidian glitch back then, but still felt obligated to build a gold farm since everyone else had xD this way obsidian could potentially be a shop item, and considered valuable on Skyblock
    13. marsel_2000
      Yes but obsidian is 2k each in the shop, it renders gold farms pretty much impossible, also there were other ways of getting obsidian like using buckets of lava. (Fill tens of dubs with lava buckets and make a obby generator)
    14. EmeraldMiner233
      Yeah I know how to make obsidian. The bug which allowed you to turn string or redstone into obsidian has finally been patched, however if the end is enabled, if you spawn in an enderdragon using ender crystals, it generates new obsidian pillers everytime, that I believe will be the main way of getting obsidian on Skyblock, since end crystals aren't that hard to craft, and only 4 will allow you to regenerate tons of easy to mine obsidian!
    15. dillony
      This was a GREAT and straight-forward update list poke! also, im interested in the free build world, any idea when it will be up or when i can apply? thanks for the updates!
    16. 2002mikey
      good to see things being done! But as many people will know (who have played on this server quite a long time ago) factions was a big part of aem, and when i say big i mean it was the whole of aem basically, however it has gone seriously down hill, maybe try and get it active again. Moreover i love how many new servers are being added (non op skyblock) but i feel like as soon as a server has been reset it is seen as done- nothing needs to be added till next reset, i think more things should be added and updated to keep things interesting, this applies mainly to factions. for example infused lava/water buckets being added (auto gens walls) a head flipping system, the list is endless.
      P.S. please tell me if i am wrong with anything
      please keep us updated with dates about non op skyblock, think it may be interesting and may play, kinda wanna be on for the beginning
    17. kael
    18. kael
      poke said i was allowed to do this
    19. CaptainStarkie
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