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    Update: The network has been opened once again to all players. However, there was an issue that cropped up during the restoration process that caused all player inventories to be reset (player vaults should not have been effected by this). To make up for this, for the next few weeks you can use the /redeemkit command to get some exclusive items that will hopefully get you started on your way back to where you were. Additionally, anyone who purchased crate keys on KitPvP will receive their keys back shortly after their next login.


    Late last night there was an incident in which a group of malicious attackers used an exploit to grant themselves full administrative permissions on KitPvP. The malicious users in question then proceeded to abuse the global bans system to ban a large portion of the players who were online at the time, and attempted to grief the spawn zone of the KitPvP server (now restored).

    As soon as the management team was made aware of the issue, we put the network into lockdown mode, in which all services became temporarily unavailable while we worked on evaluating and restoring the damage that was done (rolled back invalid bans from the malicious users and restored the spawn build from one of our backups that are created and archived every few hours).

    We have been working overtime to patch the source of the exploit so we can have the servers back up for you all to enjoy ASAP, and we appreciate your patience.

    We aim to have everything sorted out within a few hours from now, but are not giving out any exact ETAs for when the server will be coming off of lockdown mode at this time.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused for you all.
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