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    Sharpen your swords and watch your back. It's time for AEM's 2nd ever Ultra Hardcore Event!
    We are very sorry for the delay for the first event but we are ready and prepared for July 19th!
    Prizes? Oh yeah!
    1st Place = $60 AEM donation credit
    2nd Place = $40 AEM donation credit
    3rd Place = $30 AEM donation credit
    4th Place = $20 AEM donation credit
    5th Place = $10 AEM donation credit

    What is UHC?
    It's survival+PvP and when you die, you're banned from the match.

    How do you regenerate health?
    Only way to regenerate your health is by eating golden apples. You can also make a golden apple from the head of a fallen player. (Super golden apples are don't even try!)

    How big is the map?
    The map is 2,500 blocks by 2,500 blocks. That's plenty of room for you to hide out and prepare your base, but not so big that you can't find your enemies.

    How long will this event last?
    UHC matches last until only 1 player remains. How long will this be? --> How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop...the world may never know.

    When do I arrive?
    The server will be accessible via the lobby and will open to the public 15 minutes before 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (11am Central, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific). If you're late, too bad. Get there early.

    Any other things I should know?
    The first 10 minutes of the match PvP will be disabled, allowing all the players to run off and prepare for battle.
    Something to keep in mind: You can fight by yourself or bring a team of friends to help you out. Your choice, your game. But,'s harder to kill a friend than an enemy. :p

    What can I do to help?
    Do you livestream, bro? If so, you can earn $10 donation credit on AEM by streaming this event for at least 30 minutes. This means you have to stream and stay alive for 30 minutes. If you want to take part of this, please post your streaming channel below and we will check up on your stream during the event to make sure you're streaming.

    What time will it be in ____?
    Use this website here to easily convert the time the event starts to your time. Plug in "EDT" on the right hand side of the converter and it will give you the time for your time zone.

    Any questions? Post them below. See you Saturday July 19!

Will you be participating in the 2nd ever AEM UHC event?

  1. YES!

  2. No :(



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    1. legostar5wars
      Nooooo Can't make it :mad::mad::(:(:mad::mad:
    2. Mr_LightViper
    3. zachsizzler
      Like before is recording for youtube oksay?? @AlexM850
    4. Thatepictntguy
      Nope, can't make it. Its too early Pacific time ;-;
    5. ilivetofly
      Just to check as I may have done my math wrong but that's 5pm in the UK?

      Also I *should* live stream this I will put a link later when I figure everything out and what not! (I dont know about the half a hour staying alive part mind).

      Do I have to live stream or can I rec then post on youtube after the event? or nah?
    6. Arissa Torres
      Arissa Torres
      OMG I might be able to make it!!! :D:D:D
    7. Diamonds1358
      Wow I can't come this weekend dat timing :s
    8. Pip64
      I will be there and eat cookies with warm milk
    9. GiRLCLAN
      I can make this one!! :)<
    10. TheGhostRacer
      Go ahead and remove me from this. I despise of pvp related stuff.
    11. Arissa Torres
      Arissa Torres
    12. Bunny561
      Yes!!!!! I can't wait whooo hooo
    13. Mushroom-King
      I sign up by just voting right?
    14. Legacy Southpaw
      Legacy Southpaw
      Will be streaming at
      Can pick to have either a large team of 7 or a smaller one of 4 or 5 idk which one!!! D:
      Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
    15. Dansors
      Wont be able to make it ;-;
      4am in New Zealand, Goodluck to every participants!
    16. Arissa Torres
      Arissa Torres
      You just show up I think
    17. Arissa Torres
    18. Syb
      Woooooo! Yeah! I can play that day!, hopefully. But as i see who's playing, i will die fast o_O
    19. Syb
      :O ^^ @Pip64
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