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    Apr 2, 2016
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    Hi everyone,

    Here are the top voters for February. I would just like to apologize that this has taken 6 days into the week for this to happen, it has / is very tough for us to appear on servers with all the work we're doing behind the scenes. I just wanted to use this post as a reminder to vote for us every-day, it's more than possible you too could appear on this list for the month of April just by clicking a few links and entering your name!

    Top voters:
    1. @x_GameOver_x - 113 votes ($50)
    2. @Isthill - 111 votes ($40)
    3. @F1R3PA1NC3 - 104 votes ($30)
    4. @bullfrog9002 - 104 votes ($20)
    5. @SirDuCkZ - 103 votes ($10)
    The top voters will receive the appropriate coupon codes via private message. Those without forum accounts will have 2 days to create one and private message me or other winners will be selected.

    p.s. The hub has been revamped and we would love your opinions on it!

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    1. MikeunbeatableMT
      The new hub IS AWESOME!! Although a cool thing would be to make it bigger and add like easter egg type things where theirs a little block u press and u get a certain amount of money on a server or thing. Or add parkour and times so u can compete against ur friends n stuff
    2. EmeraldMiner233
      The new spawn looks awesome! love it :D it's great to see a brand new spawn when I join AEM, the last one was getting kinda boring.
    3. zRinne
      Congrats to the top voters!
      Those who didn't get it, better luck next time :D
    4. Darkpunk1
      Sorry to Bother you and point this out, That is actually February top voters, I can attest to that. Beings saint was ranked 10th on the list. As well as of 4/3 I had 142, remove the 3 days in and I had 139 votes for last month.

      As well I have a screenshot from 4/3

      From what I understand As of currently none of the February voters ended up getting there rewards.
    5. Sway
      These images do not help though, there's no date/time on them.
    6. Darkpunk1
      Mine does though however [​IMG]
    7. Sway
      April 3rd in the screenshot, that's from this month. I don't see the top voters in there.
    8. Darkpunk1
      The top voters screenshot it not from myself, it was posted by F1R3PR1NC3, in the previous post regarding the changes that have been made, meaning he would have the original screenshot, as well as file information. He did also state in the post he made that it was for February. From what I understand as well, most of the people who were supposed to receive the top voter incentives never received them from alex. Saintstfuthegrt/Unsleeping can verify this, as well as OreoTwinkies.
    9. Sway
      We will straighten this out if we can but for the other months of top voters, we cannot do anything about it as we have just recently taken over management/ownership of AEM. That was not meant to be our responsibility, however in the coming months it will be taken care of and we do have a proper system in place to log players votes.

      Edit: You can PM me and Hayden information about the February top voters.
    10. Masta_Hamsta
      Yo Hayden, what about the other 5 in the top ten, cause we were promised a reward by alex and I haven't got mine yet.
    11. Sway
      Alex is no longer a part of AEM and to be honest it should have been dealt with when the top voters were posted. As it is, we're going out of our way to deal with something Alex did not deal with himself as he should have.

      That being said, we're going to start doing the top 5 every month rather than the top 10. There's a little bit more incentive to vote every single day.
    12. Old_Mc_Donald
      PLEASE i beg you guys someone put Screenshots of the new hub on here i cant play Minecraft :'( pls someone
    13. Hikari442
    14. Old_Mc_Donald
    15. Riitsuka
      If i'm in the top voters for April, can i have 1 rank for me and 1 rank for my brother ?
      We have the same IP and we can't vote at the same time

      PS: I don't speak english.
    16. Potata
      What language?
    17. Riitsuka
      I speak french
    18. cam
      Je pense oui, par ce que si vouz gangez top voter tu peut donner le moitié de les points que tu a ganger au ton frere (im really bad at speaking french) @Riitsuka
      Last edited: Apr 13, 2016
    19. Potata
      Autant que je sache, vous pouvez acheter un rang pour ton frère. J'ai acheté un rang pour un ami avec mon argent électeurs haut dans le passé.
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