By NickG365 on Jun 7, 2014 at 11:44 PM
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    Apr 14, 2014
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    Are you one of AEM's top voters every month? As of today, we'll once again be keeping track of the top voters each month. You can check the current rankings on the scoreboard in the lobby, which will automatically reset at the beginning of each month. Keep an eye out for announcements about prizes for the top voters!

    Thanks for supporting AEM, and see you in-game!


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by NickG365, Jun 7, 2014.

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    1. Meg1626
      Hey, do we know who the top voters were for last month? :) :cool:
    2. phil
      hey is it going to be the top voters on each server or altogether? and what will the prizes be (like $10 ranks or what?)
    3. Pip Xanadu
      Pip Xanadu
      The voting system goes for all servers. So I'm thinking that will be the case as well. We used to give a donation rank to the winner(s).
    4. phil
      yeah I relly want donation rank i'm trying to vote everyday so im hopeing it counts
    5. isakeliasl
      Can i get unbanned? Please from KitPvp, i have applied to get unbanned;/
    6. zRinne
      Please do not ask to be unbanned. Wait for a reply once you've done a ban appeal.
      Asking for unbans is a straight reject.
    7. NickG365
      Unfortunately, we don't have any data from before the new scoreboard went live at 9:30PM (GMT -4) yesterday.

      Pip's correct -- when you vote, you receive the rewards on all servers, and it counts it in the scoreboard. And yes, prizes will most likely be donation ranks.
    8. Meg1626
      So does that mean that there won't be any top voters from last month?
    9. NickG365
      That is correct, I don't believe top voters have been posted since the end of February, but they will be posted monthly again starting at the end of this month.
    10. Meg1626
    11. Syb
      I like it. It's simple to see, and i vote everyday, but one thing is;
      I do it always too late .-.
    12. steveywonder2
      Hey nick as I'm already a donor (VIP) what would I get then if I may win the top voter? Also are their second top voter and 3rd top voter or just one winner? Many thanks -Steve :D
    13. Brian Fornos
      Brian Fornos
      Why Is the Voting thing Broken? I have Voted 3 times in 3 days and i haven't received my money or prizes
    14. ARTVETE
      The board is a little annoying, can you make a command that allows you to remove it?? That would be nice to have :D
    15. zacklazarus
      I try but the stupid thing isn't working ATM its soooo anoying
    16. zacklazarus
    17. zacklazarus
      I agree if ur banned ur banned end of. you thn shouldn't ask 2 be un-banned YOUVE BEEN BANNED FORA REASON
    18. Devonkelly
      i heard some moderator saying 1st voter gets god rank ( zombie, list goes on)

      2nd place gets legend rank ( list goes on )

      3rd sponsor ( list goes on )

      when i say "list goes on" not talking about zombie server, others server has different name of donation which is i dont play it or paying any attention to donation rank name.
    19. Gravity
      How often can you vote? and how does the voting reward system work?
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