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  1. Konata

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    So I usually go through the warps to see if I can find griefs or shops. I then came across /Warp Mrgamingvid

    Who are you reporting?: Crystalicecat9 and mrgamingvid
    What server was this on?
    : Survival
    How long ago was this?: Just Now
    What did he/she do?: Well there is a rule I believe that says no more than 20 animals per chunk? Well this is way more than 20. I tried to kill them but it's in a town so i cannot touch them.

  2. zRinne

    Apr 29, 2014
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    I think that's around 24? :confused:
    There are a lot of people who break this rule.
    I usually go vanish and tp to defaults to see if they have any AFK machines because they want to get trusted asap.
    Believe me, i found a bunch of people who grief and 1 or 2 afk machines.. also people who were building houses in the pit.
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    I can't kill animals so I usually send a mail to an admin with the coords so they can check it out. I follow noobies around once in awhile but not as often as I used to and people building in the pit is just funny to me now. You're now getting spammed every two minutes about that as long as you're there.
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    Yah it's silly. People just need to read the rules. And Rinne They are stacked more than that I believe. And they seem to keep breeding them. Thanks you two :)