By Sway on May 28, 2016 at 4:34 PM
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    Hello people of AEM,

    We've been working on kitpvp a lot the last few days, we're hoping to release in the coming weeks but we would like to revamp some of the arenas to make your experience a little bit better.

    We've opened a thread on the forums for you to post your builds, screenshots and more. If you're interested in making arenas for AEM and you are picked, we will give you donation store coupons/credits so that you can purchase a rank from our store or even other goodies. Each build picked out by us will be awarded with a $5 voucher, depending on the detail and build quality we may award more.

    Submit all your builds at ( >> CLICK HERE << ), any questions regarding builds should also be posted in the thread linked ( >> CLICK HERE << )


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