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    May 8, 2014
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    Hey guys. I'm JL11111. Many of you know me from factions, zombies, or kitpvp, as I have donated for all three. If you wanna come and talk to me, I will more than likely be on the three servers listed above. I skype my friends *cough, cough, broly1252* and I always want to try new things. Outside of Minecraft, I study hard, and I play several sports. I feel as I am a nice person and if anyone needs help on factions to get started and you are not a donator, I will gladly give you some gear to be successful. However, my MOSL exams are coming soon, so I cannot be on too long because I need to study. Just PM me if you want in n my offer and we can arrange a meeting time. Hope you learned something about me, and I hope you don't spam my PM! (PLS DON'T SPAM MY PM, PLS!) :(