Building competition has been griefed, spammed with inappropriate content, and stopped unwantedly.

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    Jul 5, 2014
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    I'll get right to the point:
    I was hosting building competition in the Aem creative branch of the server. Four people were all building a mansion on my plot, to compete and see who could build the best mansion. But some people had other things on their mind.
    One person build a "rocket" on their quadrant of the plot. They claimed it was a rocket to get to their mansion. Although it looked a bit weird. I assumed it was pure coincidence. Then he added cobwebs above it. He claimed it was a parachute. I didn't completely think so. Then he added his mansion out of oak wood. But it had a strange pink mark through the center. I have an image link here. I don't think this was on accident. Especially because he wasn't the only one who did it.
    Another person didn't even describe his. He built two spheres on the bottom, and in between emerged a tower, with a point at the top. Snow blocks were placed on top, with a ring floating above it. Image link here.
    If this was their plot, and they each granted each other permission, then I would not mind it. But what bothered me, was that this was my plot, and that there were 9 year olds there too. The actual builds were grief, because they were unwanted blocks, and they have placed these blocks in that pattern purposely, and without permission. But some people didn't even understand this. There were about 9 people there, and some of them were greatly disturbed by this.
    When I first realized it, I removed their permission to build on my plot, and voted for worldedit so I could quickly remove it.
    The two disallowed builders then began to disrupt the other builders by standing in the way of blocks being placed. I actually used my voted worldedit to try to trap them inside blocks, and failed.
    Higher ranks came and wanted to see what was built. Luckily it had been only 10 minutes since I got worldedit. So I did //undo and made them re appear. They were astonished.
    I hope that consequences will be executed. Thank you for reading this.