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    Hey AEM'ers, it's that time again! On this AEM Update, we have a new map on Zombies and a build-off where you can win 50-75$ on the donation store! Read this update for more information!
    The Survival Spawn BUILD-OFF (/warp buildcomp on Creative)
    AEM is having its very first BUILD-OFF! The Build-Off will be hosted on the Creative server (or in single player, if you can send a schematic), with the theme being the new Survival spawn! The winner will take a donation store coupon that can range from $50-75, depending on the detail put into the building! The winners build will be used as the new spawn on the Survival server. All participants are required to reply to this thread to let us know that you are taking part in the build-off. The Winner's Creative plot will be selected in two weeks (around January 22, 2017*, subject to change*), and will be PM'ed their donation code after a future announcement is released!. Good luck everyone! :D

    New Zombies Map!
    In other news, Zombies saw the arrival of a new map- Dust II from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! This map features revamped mystery boxes, containing better gear than ever before ([God] and [Legend] items!). If you find any exploits on these maps, be sure to create a thread in the Zombies section of the forums to let us know. Be warned, any players that abuse exploits on these maps can be punished!

    Your Suggestions for non-OP Skyblock
    Also, @marsel_2000 was kind of enough to create a suggestions thread that we're going to be using until we can get the non-OP Skyblock server up. Be sure to leave your suggestions there, it really helps us out!

    Other Upcoming Updates
    And finally, in terms of what's upcoming here on AEM, we plan on releasing more Zombies maps in the future! Dust II has gotten positive feedback so far, so we're translating that into more maps for you, the players! Reply to this announcement any maps you'd like to see on AEM, it might just be the next one we build and release!

    Moreover, we're making great progress on non-OP Skyblock and the freebuild world (on Creative) and are quietly updating some of our servers to 1.11.2. Look out, your favorite server on AEM might be one of the first to update!

    Besides that, be sure to take advantage of the 40% off New Year's sale, running until January 14th!

    And that's a wrap! Want to stay in touch with all things new on AEM? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, which will feature upcoming updates and new things that will be released later on the AEM Network. Thank you for playing on AEM!

    Kind regards,
    AEM Staff Team
    sorry for no video this time!
    oh and here's a tiny preview of Nuketown
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