Hello everyone,

General Information
It's your boy Hayden here, coming at you with another Minecraft AEM update, in this post I will be covering a few topics in the post including crates, server releases, suggesting and other miscellaneous topics.

If you didn't know there was an email sent out to most forums users with a coupon code, however, we have found a more effective way to give players their code by automatically removing 60% from your purchases! You don't need a code, happy purchasing! Sale is ending in the next 48 hours.

Crates, this has seemed to be an issue with players since the early release, many people like it but many also do not. This is why we are creating a poll for players to vote. There will be 3 options, 1. Nerf Crates, 2. Remove Crates, and 3. Keep crates as they are. The poll will be attached, give us your honest opinion.

Next Server Releases
Well, well, well, the next server to be released will be da da da da factions. After factions will come KitPvP, Zombies, Skywars and Prison, in order! Keep checking back for when the release of your favorite server is.

Rank Loss
Since the reset there have been some issues with people receiving their rank, this is due to the provider we use to send commands have been having issues with the Minecraft UUID name change. Get your cheap rank now at http://shop.aemservers.net. This has since been fixed, however, if you are one of the unfortunate people to have purchased a rank 1 to 2 years ago and have lost it we will fix your rank, absolutely free. All you have to do is make a report here (https://aemservers.net/forums/donation-support.66/) please follow the template.
If you do lie about purchasing a rank you will be permanently banned from the network
Hello everyone,

General Information
In this announcement I will be giving you all simple, yet informative information regarding the upcoming network reset. Please note, this is not the full reset / change log, this is just informing you about what we are doing (this is very vague and may change in the future).

I would Not be making this post unless we were certain that we're coming close to the reset, AEMNetwork 2.0 (doesn't that just roll off the tongue). We want everyone to get very excited. (#Hype #Hype #Hype) Please let your friends, past and present, know about the reset. We know there have been many players that have left due to lack of updates and staff absence. (We were once 1,000 players strong!) I will let you all know NOW that this is no longer the case. There will be fixes / updates everyday and staff presence will be better than ever. Again, we will be creating a change log upon release for all of you to keep track of the changes / fixes to your beloved AEM.

News Letter
During the past few days the team and I have been brainstorming, thinking of ways to get the attention of old players. In doing this we have thought of the idea of a "Network News Letter". The news letter will occur monthly, with all the information of the forums compiled into a short, easy to read letter. Anyone with a forums account will receive this letter, however, there will be the option to unsubscribe from it. We Do Not encourage that, as there will be exclusive content updates, and store coupon codes for the readers.

Donor Ranks
Donors ranks will not be nerfed at all. Actually, there're more permissions and better gear for you to enjoy.

Reminder: there is a 35% off sale currently active! http://shop.aemservers.net.

Servers Resetting
Servers that will be...
Hi everyone,

Here are the top voters for February. I would just like to apologize that this has taken 6 days into the week for this to happen, it has / is very tough for us to appear on servers with all the work we're doing behind the scenes. I just wanted to use this post as a reminder to vote for us every-day, it's more than possible you too could appear on this list for the month of April just by clicking a few links and entering your name!

Top voters:
  1. @x_GameOver_x - 113 votes ($50)
  2. @Isthill - 111 votes ($40)
  3. @F1R3PA1NC3 - 104 votes ($30)
  4. @bullfrog9002 - 104 votes ($20)
  5. @SirDuCkZ - 103 votes ($10)
The top voters will receive the appropriate coupon codes via private message. Those without forum accounts will have 2 days to create one and private message me or other winners will be selected.

p.s. The hub has been revamped and we would love your opinions on it!

Hi everyone,

Recently there have been a few changes to the management and ownership of AEMNetwork. @AlexM850 is no longer the acting owner of AEM, however, we're still going to be working close with him to ensure the players are happy with the future updates. Feel free to message him on his profile page!

There are now two new owners @Sway and @Dwizofoz, they have been in the Minecraft community for years and will be working on AEMNetwork, rolling out awesome updates for you guys. You will not be disappointed.

Due to the recent changes we're having a temporary 35% off sale on our store, this is including ranks, mcmmo credits etc (http://shop.aemservers.net).
A lot of new updates will be releasing soon, keep checking the MOTD in your multiplayer list for updates!

- AEM Staff Team
Hi AEM Network Players,

We have now added an option to be able to pay with Prepaid Cards and certain types of gift cards! Go to our store @ http://shop.aemservers.net and checkout what prepaid cards you can use, by selecting a package/rank and clicking checkout and using PaymentWall to checkout with! All donations support server costs and improvements on AEM Network!

Thanks again guys, @AlexM850!
Hey AEM Network Community,

Here are the changes and updates for skyblock/survival:

  • Added Disguise Plugin for donators.
  • Updated shop @ http://shop.aemservers.net
  • Updated Donator Ranks Kits / Items.
  • Updated Skyblock Plugin + Server.
  • You can now use island/team chat.
  • Added Player Vaults (virtual chests for donators).
  • You get all kits below your rank.
  • Fixed/updated disguises.
  • Updated mcMMO
  • Updated some permissions, that users were supposed to have by default
  • Updated miscellaneous configurations.
If you find any bugs, please report them here: https://www.aemservers.net/forums/bug-reports.24/
Tag me in your forum post by using @AlexM850 so i can checkout the bug report.
The Factions server is online and ready to go!

@Tree_Killer_ will continue working on the shop, but we really wanted to get it open asap because I know many of you have been waiting for a while now!

Now would be a great time to donate for a new rank for the freshly reset Factions server; get your rank and reinforce your base before everyone else!

Enjoy and remember to vote for AEM! Let's build our factions population back up!

AEM Network
Be sure to start voting for the month of September to win some awesome prizes.

If you see these top voters in game be sure to congratulate them for being a top voter as well as thank you for everyone who votes for the server!

The following are the Top 7 Voters of August:

1.) Zarutoz - $35 Donation Credit.
2.) KassidyH - $30 Donation Credit.
3.) Sanea - $30 Donation Credit.
4.) Obitoandthecraft - $20 Donation Credit.
5.) EpoBlu - $20 Donation Credit.
6.) isabrak1 - $20 Donation Credit.
7.) ExtremeEmu - $20 Donation Credit.

Message me to claim your prizes for being a top voter of August! You have 2 weeks to claim your prize! Please message me what server you want your donation credit added to, what your current rank is on that server, & your Minecraft username.

For Example: Minecraft Username: GiRLCLAN
Server: Skywars
Current Rank: Supporter

Thanks, AEM Network Players!

Hi guys & girls,

We are aware of the issue of not getting your rank(s) these past 2-3 days. The issue seems to be because Buycraft has changed some things around, and we are now updating these things back-end to fix this issue. Sorry for the short inconvenience!

Thanks so much! @AlexM850
Hi AEM Network players,

We have updated the voting information and some small system updates. Voting will be working and fixed when all of the servers restart approximately between 3-6 A.M. Central Standard Time. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, @AlexM850.